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Hi, I'm Brenda!

When I was a child I *hated* science. So, how did I end up as a STEM author and STEM curriculum publisher?

In 2012, my 6 year old daughter refused to read anything but science books. She had an insatiable desire to learn more about the world. I had heard about this thing called "STEM" so I thought I better get her into this science, technology, engineering, and math stuff.

Back then, STEM curriculum was hard to find, so I created STEAM activities for her and other kids in her after-school clubs.

Soon, her teachers and other parents began to ask for my lesson plans to use on their own. I put them online and STEAMsational was born. 10 years later, over 100,000 teachers, families, clubs, and organizations have used my STEM activities and lesson plans.

The STEAMsational mission is to provide hands-on STEM activities that unlock children's curiosity and passion for discovery, no matter where they live.

Stay curious!

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"I am a teacher of K-5. I teach in a computer lab in a STEM setting. I am always looking for new ideas. I love the activities I find on STEAMsational!"

- Polly

"I am an elementary school Librarian-Tech teacher who has been tasked with starting a K-5 STEM program.

I love all of the good stuff on your site!"  


"I am a Pre-K teacher and also work with elementary students. It's so much fun to see kids of all ages fall in love with STEM using you activity ideas!"

- Annette

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